Mitigation and Monitoring Practices Tool (MMP Tool)

Website last updated: 3/23/2020
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The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has developed this Mitigation and Monitoring Practices Tool (Tool) that sorts and filters a wide range of mitigation and monitoring practices (MMPs) for evaluating and considering best management practices, at both broad and project-specific scales. The Tool houses a collection of MMPs, extracted from a range of sources (including agency reports, environmental assessments, scientific literature, technical guidance documents, and others), and is intended to serve as a resource to the Environmental Technical Working Group (E-TWG) and the Fisheries Technical Working Group (F-TWG), as well as other stakeholders such as representatives from the offshore wind industry, agencies, and non-governmental organizations. The Tool is searchable by various categories, including, but not limited to:

■ Resource Groups - birds/bats, marine mammals/sea turtles, fish, benthos, and fisheries;
■ Stressors;
■ Potential effects; and
■ Development phases of offshore wind.

As part of the effort to support development and evaluation of MMPs, the Tool provides details about these MMPs that could support further evaluation of how best to incorporate MMPs into the state’s plans for offshore wind energy development. This Tool does not prioritize or judge the value of individual or combined MMPs, and it does not consider site- and project-specific conditions that might affect how and whether certain MMPs may be practicably implemented. It does, however, provide several sorting criteria that may be useful to the E-TWG and F-TWG and other users when assessing potential MMPs.

  • All
    • All Bats
    • All Benthos
      • Benthic Invertebrates
      • Demersal/Groundfish
      • Seagrass/Kelp/Algae
    • All Birds
      • Marine Birds
      • Nocturnal Aerial Migrants
    • All Fish
      • Demersal/Groundfish
      • Pelagic Fish
      • Pelagic Invertebrates
    • All Marine Mammals
      • Low-Frequency Cetaceans
      • Mid-Frequency Cetaceans
      • High-Frequency Cetaceans
      • North Atlantic Right Whale
      • Pinnipeds
    • All Fisheries
      • Commercial Fisheries
      • Recreational Fisheries
    • Sea Turtles